Aarex Beard Shaving Set No.05

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Aarex Beard Shaving Set No.05 is a 3-piece set with classical safety razor, shaving brush and a stand.

The classical safety razor is made of stainless steel with grey metallic handle.

The stand is made of stainless steel with chrome finish.

The shaving brush is made of synthetic material as an animal friendly alternative. It has been developed to resemble badger hair in both moisture and absorption. The handle is made of stainless steel and with a grey metallic handle.

Synthetic hair dries faster than natural brushes, does not need to soften in water before use and requires less shaving soap cream than natural brushes.

The shaving brush performs several important functions during shaving:
– Raises the beard hair and allows the shaving cream to access around the entire hair
– Provides a creamy shaving foam
– Provides a light skin exfoliation and removes dead skin cells
– Stimulates blood circulation

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